Channel Letters

LetterTrim Technology

Patented Channel Letter Trim and Faces

Cumberland Distributors offers a new patented LetterTrim technology as a retrofit solution to existing channel letters, as well as a brand new channel letter construction. The retrofit solution has been specially developed to utilize the existing channel letters to help reduce installation costs dramatically.

In addition to offering the new LetterTrim technology, Accendo has fully customizable LED retrot solutions to replace older, less energy efficient sign lighting technologies such as neon, HID, and fluorescent. These new LED retrofit solutions, in addition to reducing energy cost and consumption, also provide savings in the area of maintenance as well.

Accendo offers a 5 year warranty, unheard of in the industry, on the LED retrofit solution and new LetterTrim sign faces. You will spend less time and money to maintain the new channel letter and LED lighting system putting more money back to your bottom line.

Jersey Mike's Before
Jersey Mike's After
Channel Letter Detail 02

No More Trim Cap Failure

LetterTrim is a new patented long term channel letter trim that replaces the old trimcap. LetterTrim is routed from marine grade UV stabilized plastic with an outdoor life of 20+ years. Available in many colors, LetterTrim looks better and lasts longer.

On the Backside

There is no glue used with LetterTrim. The plexiglass is held in place from the back with a routed stud in the trim and a metal clip. This feature allows for easy face replacement. If the face gets damaged, a new face can be routed and snapped in the LetterTrim.

Channel Letter Detail 01

Traditional Trim Cap Failure

  • Replaceable faces, in lieu of entire face.
  • One piece trim.
  • 3D effects now possible with routed designs.
Old Channel Letter 01
  • Capability with channel letters for more detailed logo designs.
  • Digital design and manufacturing with CNC routing of components reinforces accuracy and consistency.
Old Channel Letter 02

Cost Competitive Option to Typical Faces

This solution offers significant operational and maintenance savings to retailers.

Type Faces
Trim Caps

Give us a call to discuss your new or retrofit opportunity today and learn about our 5 year warranty on all manufactured components.